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Xero Integration Plus | Xero to NetSuite Integration

Xero Integration Plus by PKF Digital integrates your NetSuite account with Xero, allowing you to take advantage of both platforms and gain insights into your key business activities.


Integrating NetSuite and Xero

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Are you a Xero user looking for a better integration solution? Look no further than Xero Integration Plus. This app integrates your NetSuite account with Xero, allowing you to take advantage of both platforms and gain insights into your key business activities.

With Xero Integration Plus, you can:

Automate the process of migrating data from Xero to NetSuite

Create a hybrid NetSuite + Xero solution

Automatically sync your NetSuite data with Xero

Save time by eliminating manual data entry

Reduce errors with accurate, up-to-date information

Save time by eliminating manual data entry

Our Xero Integration Plus Solution

For small businesses who are considering migrating from Xero Accounting Software to Oracle NetSuite, our Xero Integration Plus solution can help make the process easier and less stressful. Our solution includes a pre-built integration between Xero and NetSuite that will save you time and money. It also includes a dedicated team of experts who will support you throughout the entire migration process.

Features and Benefits of Xero Integration Plus

Easy to use: Our solution is easy to use and helps you avoid the hassle of manually migrating your data.

Fast and accurate: Our solution is fast and accurate, so you can be confident that all of your data will be migrated successfully.

Support: Our team of experts will be there to support you every step of the way to ensure a seamless and secure migration from Xero to NetSuite.

Affordable: We offer an affordable solution that will save you time and money.

Migrating from Xero to NetSuite

For businesses that have outgrown their Xero accounting system, or want to use a blend of technologies to manage both simple and complex business models, finding a solution can be challenging. There are a lot of options out there, and it's important to choose the right one for your business. NetSuite is one of the most popular alternatives to Xero, but migrating from Xero to NetSuite can be difficult. Read on to learn about our Xero Integration Plus solution and its benefits for businesses migrating from Xero to NetSuite for Financial Management.

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Benefits of Using Xero and NetSuite as a Hybrid System

One way to overcome the challenges of migrating from Xero to NetSuite is to use a hybrid system of both Xero and NetSuite. This way, you can keep your simpler entities on Xero while you move your top level and larger subsidiaries onto NetSuite. With Xero Integration Plus you can automate the roll up of one or more Xero instances into NetSuite for a complete consolidated view.
This can either be a temporary or a permanent business system structure. This approach has several benefits. First, it allows you to keep your data secure and accurate in both systems during the migration process. Second, it gives you time to test and ensure that all of your data has been migrated successfully before you completely switch over to NetSuite. And third, it allows you to continue using Xero until you're ready to transition completely to NetSuite accounting solutions, or you can choose to stay with the hybrid model indefinitely.

Data and Accounting Transaction Syncronisation

The Xero Integration Plus solution offers many features and benefits to businesses migrating from Xero to NetSuite. One of the most important features is data and accounting transaction synchronisation. This feature ensures that all of your data is migrated accurately and completely from Xero to NetSuite. It also helps to avoid any errors that can occur during the migration process.

Data Synchronisation Examples

Invoices: Invoice Number, Purchase Order Reference, Customer Reference, Terms, Due Date, Status, Created Date, Discounts, Line Items, GST Calculations.

Bills: Supplier Name, Supplier Code, Bill Number, Reference, Terms, Due Date, Status, Created Date, Discounts, Line Items, GST Calculation.

Customers & Suppliers: Name, Code, Reference, Terms, Credit Limit, Balance, Created Date.

Products & Services: Name, Code, Description, Sales Price, Purchase Price, Quantity on Hand.

Credit Notes and Refunds: Number, Customer/Supplier Name, Reference, Status, Created Date, Discounts, Line Items, GST Calculation.

Xero's Data End-points

Xero Contacts

Retrieve files from contacts, add new files, or change existing ones. You can also attach files to specific contacts in a Xero organisation and sync this information to the relevant NetSuite contact. Then, use this data to improve your understanding and communication with targeted individuals.

Xero Accounts

Having trouble keeping track of all your financial accounts across NetSuite and Xero? Attach files, archive accounts, update details, delete accounts, and more with our easy-to-use system. Use this information to get a well-rounded understanding of your financial standing between all entities and make any necessary strategic improvements.

Xero Items

Keep track of your inventory levels across locations (both Xero and NetSuite), and get information on what's selling well and where you can improve. This will help your team to make decisions that improve inventory turnover and sales performance.

Xero Invoices

You can use Xero Integration Plus to create, update, delete, void or retrieve sales invoices and purchase bills in Xero and NetSuite. Monitoring this data will give you a clear understanding of your expected revenue gains and losses. This information is vital for running accurate predictive analysis.

Xero Receipts

With Xero Integration Plus, you can manage your expense claim receipts by retrieving, deleting, adding, or updating drafts across both systems. By continuously monitoring this information, you will always be in control of your transactional data.

Xero Payments

Manage refunds, credit notes and reverse payments, as well as apply payments to approved AR and AP invoices. You can also use your payment data to track how much money you are making from specific customers or during certain time periods.

Interested In Learning More About Xero Integration Plus for NetSuite?

If you’re interested in learning more about Xero Integration Plus for NetSuite, we invite you to contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and show you how the solution Plus can benefit your business.

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