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NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

A comprehensive business management platform built for the Wholesale Distribution industry, including specialised features to manage inventory, supply chain, customer relationships and sales processes.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

The World's Fastest Growing MRP for Manufacturers

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NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is the world's fastest-growing MRP for manufacturers. It provides an extensive suite of cloud-based tools to help companies manage their global manufacturing operations and resources more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

The platform features a powerful set of integrated modules that are designed to streamline processes from supply chain planning to quality control. The platform is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, allowing manufacturers to easily adapt the solution to their changing needs.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition also provides visibility into the entire production process and allows managers to access real-time data on manufacturing activities, materials and inventory levels. This enables manufacturers to identify areas of improvement or problems quickly and take corrective action.

What can NetSuite Manufacturing Edition do for your business?

Our team of experienced professionals can help you understand how NetSuite Manufacturing Edition fits into your business model and can provide guidance on the best way for you to use it for the greatest benefit. Contact us now, and learn how NetSuite can transform your manufacturing operations.
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NetSuite Manufacturing Edition ERP

Top 5 Key Benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturers

For manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is the ideal choice. It offers an extensive suite of tools that can be tailored to fit the needs of any manufacturing business.

Streamlined Production Processes

NetSuite simplifies and streamlines the production process, enabling manufacturers to quickly create, modify and execute complex processes with minimal effort.

 Automated Bill of Materials (BOM)

Manufacturers can easily create detailed BOMs that are updated in real-time and ensure accuracy across multiple locations.

Flexible and Scalable

NetSuite provides manufacturers with the flexibility to tailor their operations across multiple locations and easily scale up or down as needed.

Real-Time Visibility

Manufacturers gain visibility into all aspects of production, from materials and inventory levels to customer orders, enabling them to better manage their supply chain.

Comprehensive Reporting

NetSuite provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, giving manufacturers insight into the performance of their operations and helping them to identify areas for improvement.

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NetSuite Modules for Manufacturing

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition comes with a suite of modules designed to help you take control of your manufacturing operations. Here are some of the key features that can benefit your organisation:

Supply Chain Management

Integrate your operations with a suite of supply chain management solutions. NetSuite Supply Chain Management helps you manage vendor relationships, optimise inventory levels and reduce costs across the entire supply chain. This includes preferred vendor management, vendor price management and alternate vendor management.

Production Management

NetSuite's Production Management module helps you streamline production across multiple locations, so you can produce goods more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. It includes features such as job scheduling, cost/price management and labour tracking.

Quality Control & Compliance

NetSuite Quality Control & Compliance ensures that your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. You can also track, monitor and report on all aspects of safety and compliance regulations. This includes features such as lot tracking, batch traceability and product recall management.

Customer Service & Support

NetSuite's Customer Service & Support module helps you identify customer service opportunities, manage cases efficiently and create meaningful customer relationships. With features like order tracking, a customer support portal and marketing automation, you can provide an exceptional customer experience.

Accounting & Finance

NetSuite's Accounting and Finance module helps you manage your finances and maintain regulatory compliance. This includes features such as financial reporting, budgeting, general ledger and accounts receivable/payable.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

NetSuite provides an abundance of business intelligence & analytics to help you make informed decisions about your manufacturing operations and sales. This includes features such as real-time reporting, customer segmentation, inventory analysis and market trends.

Work Orders and Assemblies

NetSuite's Work Orders and Assemblies module helps you manage your assembly operations, track costs and optimise the production process. This includes features such as work order tracking, bill of materials (BOM) management and production scheduling.

WIP and Routing

NetSuite's WIP and Routing module helps you control costs, increase productivity and streamline operations. This includes features such as job scheduling, operations routing, WIP accounting and route optimization based on a configurable rules engine.

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Types of Manufacturing Companies That NetSuite is Perfect For

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is designed for companies of all sizes and industries. Whether your manufacturing operation is simple or complex, NetSuite's modules allow for easy customisation and scalability. This makes it an ideal fit for companies within the following industries:

Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing

NetSuite's Manufacturing Edition helps spare parts manufacturers manage their multi-location production, inventory control, order management and customer service.


With its comprehensive capabilities for managing complex regulations and certifications across multiple locations, NetSuite is perfect for aerospace manufacturers.

Medical Device Manufacturing

NetSuite helps medical device companies manage their production processes and easily comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery manufacturers benefit from the accuracy, scalability and flexibility of NetSuite's MRP capabilities.

Consumer Electronics

With its powerful features for managing supply chains, customer service and inventory control, NetSuite is an ideal fit for manufacturers of consumer electronics.

Food Production & Beverage Manufacturing

NetSuite helps food and beverage manufacturers easily manage their production, lot tracking, safety & compliance, quality control, customer service and more.
If you're a manufacturer looking to get the most out of your business management solutions, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is an ideal choice. With its comprehensive suite of tools and powerful functionality, it's sure to help you streamline processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Contact us today to learn more about how NetSuite can benefit your business.
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PKF Digital are NetSuite Manufacturing Edition Experts

At PKF Digital, we have extensive experience with implementing and optimising NetSuite Manufacturing Edition for our clients. We understand the specific needs of manufacturing organisations, so we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs and help you get the most out of NetSuite.

From simple manufacturing operations through to complex project manufacturing, our team have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximise efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits. Contact us today to learn more about how NetSuite Manufacturing Edition can benefit your business.

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