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NetSuite & Xero: Maintaining a Hybrid Financial Management Ecosystem


Financial management is becoming a more significant challenge for businesses of all sizes. New technologies have altered how Australian businesses handle their finances, and NetSuite and Xero are two of the most popular among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) due to their user-friendly interface and features. This article will explain the advantages of using both systems in tandem, integration procedures and how to streamline financial processes.


An Overview of NetSuite and Xero

NetSuite is an ERP system offering various financial, operational and customer relationship management solutions depending on the industry you operate in such as the management of projects, supply chains, inventory, warehouse, and financial planning. This is cloud-based software, allowing access from any location. 

Xero is an online accounting software that provides streamlined financial processes like bank reconciliation, invoicing and bookkeeping. It helps businesses reduce manual processes, accounting and allows them to access data from any device.


Which Should You Choose?

NetSuite is more expensive than Xero but offers a wide range of features. It is best suited for small to medium sized businesses needing an ERP system to manage their operations. However, if you are running multiple companies, some with basic accounting requirements that you couldn’t justify moving to NetSuite, Xero is a great option to minimise licence fees for these entities.

By using a Xero NetSuite Connector, you can ensure that your Xero accounting data is synchronised with your main NetSuite account, giving you full visibility of all group entities. 


Benefits of a Hybrid Financial Management Ecosystem

  1. Combining the features of NetSuite and Xero creates a powerful financial management system tailored to specific needs, while keeping costs down.
  2. Hybrid systems provide increased flexibility, improved scalability, and seamless integration.
  3. Manage more complex tasks and access more data without incurring extra costs.
  4. The NetSuite Xero hybrid financial management solution offers inventory management, customer relationship management, and financial planning features for entities that need it.
  5. Automate processes and save time on duplicate administration.


The NetSuite Xero Integration 

NetSuite and Xero integration streamline financial operations for businesses. It gives users a single view to easily view accounts, sales orders and customer/vendor data from both systems. Invoices can be automatically updated in Xero when orders are completed in NetSuite or vice versa.

Two-way synchronisation ensures accurate, real-time data. The NetSuite and Xero accounting integration provides powerful financial reporting and data visualisation for better accounting and finance management.


Key Takeaways

Integrating NetSuite with Xero can help to eliminate data entry errors by automating the process of transferring data between the two systems. This improves accuracy and ensures financial information is accurate and reliable.

NetSuite’s integration with Xero also enhances data accuracy and transparency, as all customer, vendor, inventory, and other related records can be easily accessed from either system at any time. This provides a comprehensive view of all company financials that would otherwise be difficult to achieve when manually transferring data across multiple sources.

Additionally, integrating NetSuite with Xero provides real-time visibility into financial data, which can inform decision-making and optimise operational efficiencies without waiting for manual updates or complexity delays in communication between different parties.



Integrating NetSuite and Xero in a hybrid financial management ecosystem provides several benefits to businesses, including flexibility, scalability, reduced costs, and seamless integration. Integrating accounting cloud-based software and applications can further streamline financial processes and enhance data accuracy and transparency. By leveraging the full capabilities of NetSuite and Xero, businesses can gain real-time visibility into their financial data and make more informed decisions to drive business growth and success.


About PKF Digital

PKF Digital is a leading Australian NetSuite Partner that provides a comprehensive range of professional Services, including NetSuite Implementation and NetSuite Support as well as business consulting and advisory. We offer our expert knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to choosing, implementing and supporting your NetSuite account. 

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