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NetSuite Financials First Edition

A complete cloud-based financial management solution including general ledger, AP, AR, purchase orders, invoicing and financial period management as well as advanced accounting solutions such as amortisation management, multi-currency management and automated bank reconciliation.

NetSuite Financials First ERP

The World's Fastest Growing Online Accounting Solution

NetSuite Financials First Stairway
NetSuite Financials First edition gives businesses across a wide range of industries, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail, professional services, software, the ability to dramatically reduce the time spent on manual processes and make quick, informed decisions with up-to-date financial data. The solution offers unmatched scalability, integration and automation with a solution that allows companies to easily scale as their business grows.

NetSuite Financials first can be implemented as the first step in a wider NetSuite deployment. This enables companies to streamline business processes, increase visibility into operations and gain real-time insights into the health of their business, as well as achieving a faster time to value for your investment in a NetSuite technology upgrade.

What can NetSuite Financials First Edition do for your business?

Our team of experienced professionals can help you understand how NetSuite Financials First Edition fits into your business model and can provide guidance on the best way for you to use it for the greatest benefit. Contact us now, and learn how NetSuite can transform your accounting processes.
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Top 5 Key Benefits of NetSuite Financials First

NetSuite Financials First Edition is the perfect solution for businesses looking to quickly implement a complete cloud-based financial management system.

Automate Your Financial Processes and Reduce Human Error

Automating your financial processes with NetSuite's cloud-based accounting and finance solution ensures you can minimise mistakes, human error and missing data due to manual entry.

Improve Data Visibility

With the ability to access real-time visibility into financial account activity, you can quickly identify trends, assess opportunities and mitigate potential risks

Improve Efficiency

NetSuite allows you to eliminate manual data entry and redundant processes, so your staff can focus on core business activities which add value to the bottom line.

Streamline Your Supply Chain Processes

With seamless integration between inventory and financials, NetSuite allows you to quickly identify supply chain issues and take action before they become costly problems.

Gain Real-Time Insights

With advanced reporting and dashboarding tools built into the solution, you can access up-to-the-minute insights into key performance metrics in order to assess operational efficiency and make informed decisions.

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NetSuite Modules for Financials First

NetSuite Financials First provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their finances quickly and efficiently. NetSuite modules included in 
Financials First are:

Customisable General Ledger

With NetSuite's General Ledger module, businesses can customise their chart of accounts to fit their needs and easily manage financial reporting. By using custom segments, customers can gain a level of clarity that wasn’t possible with traditional accounting solutions.

Accounts Payable

NetSuite Financials First includes an Accounts Payable module that allows businesses to manage their vendor and supplier payments more easily and efficiently. With features such as multi-currency support, automated bank reconciliation and advanced reporting capabilities, companies can better control their cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

NetSuite Financials First also includes an Accounts Receivable module, which enables businesses to manage customer payments and invoices. With NetSuite’s accounts receivable features, companies can ensure timely payment of their invoices and better control their cash flow.

Bank Reconciliation

NetSuite Financials First includes an integrated bank reconciliation module that enables businesses to easily reconcile their accounts and ensure the accuracy of their financial statements. With automated features, businesses can more quickly review their accounts and make corrective adjustments when needed.

Financial Report Builder

NetSuite also provides a Financial Report Builder, which allows businesses to quickly create customised financial reports. With the Financial Report Builder, businesses can gain a better understanding of their financial performance and make more informed decisions.

Tax and GST Management

The NetSuite Tax Management module provides companies with the tools they need to accurately manage their taxes, GST and BAS reporting obligations. With features such as automated tax rate lookup, company-defined tax rules and more, customers can ensure they are complying with the latest tax regulations.

Budgeting & Forecasting

NetSuite's Budgeting & Forecasting module lets businesses set up budgets by account or cost centre, compare actuals against budgeted amounts and create forecasts in real-time. With this module, companies can gain the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Revenue Recognition

NetSuite's Revenue Recognition module simplifies revenue recognition for subscription-based and other recurring revenue streams. With automated revenue recognition capabilities, businesses can better manage their financial performance and ensure accurate reporting.
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Types of Companies That NetSuite Financials First is Perfect For

NetSuite Financials First is the perfect solution for companies in a wide range of industries. It provides businesses with the financial transaction management and reporting capabilities needed to make informed decisions and maximise their profitability. Industries that are benefiting from NetSuite Financials First include:

Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite Financials First allows companies in the wholesale distribution industry to better manage their financial performance. With integrated financials, companies can more easily manage their cash flow and financial position reporting.
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NetSuite Financials First allows manufacturing organisations to streamline their financial processes and reduce the time spent on manual activities. With integrated tools for managing the cost of goods sold (COGS), automating accounts payable, and more, manufacturers gain real-time visibility into their financial performance.
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NetSuite Financials First provides retailers with the tools needed to better manage their finances, improve reporting accuracy and create more efficient processes for managing payments. With integrated features such as multi-currency support, automated bank reconciliation and real-time reporting, companies in the retail industry can gain the insights they need to make informed decisions.
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Professional services

NetSuite Financials First provides organisations in the professional services industry with a complete solution for managing their financial processes. With integrated billing and accounts payable features, companies can more easily manage their financial operations and ensure accurate client billing.
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Software companies

NetSuite Financials First provides software companies with the tools they need to gain real-time insights into their financial performance. With features such as automated revenue recognition, integrated subscription billing and more, organisations in the software industry can better manage their finances and maximise their profitability.
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Project Companies

NetSuite Financials First offers project companies the ability to manage all project related accounting information in single cloud-based platform. Start with upgrading your financial management application and expand functionality into other areas of the business such as project management and job costing. 
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PKF Digital are NetSuite Financials First Edition Experts

PKF Digital are experts in NetSuite Financials First Edition and can help businesses get started quickly and efficiently. Our team of accounting software implementation experts will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to make your transition to NetSuite smoother and more successful. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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