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NetSuite Warehouse Management

NetSuite Warehouse Management module helps businesses track and manage their inventory in multiple warehouses. With powerful tools such as barcoding, putaway process automation, and real-time reporting, businesses can ensure efficient order fulfilment while minimising costs.

NetSuite Warehouse Management Dashboard

Features of NetSuite Warehouse Management Module

The NetSuite Warehouse Management module helps businesses to streamline their warehouse operations by simplifying communication, automating task management and making inventory related data easily accessible.

Automated Putaway Process

NetSuite Automates and streamlines the process of moving inventory into your warehouse based on item level preferences and warehouse capacity. With clever automation, NetSuite helps your warehouse team to be more accurate and efficient in their putaway processes making it easier to find items when you're ready to fulfil customer orders.

Barcoding and Mobile Devices Support

NetSuite Warehouse Management makes it easy to manage inventory in your warehouses with its support of industry-standard barcode scanning technology. Furthermore, NetSuite supports mobile devices that help warehouse workers quickly access and update item information while on the move.

Real Time Visibility of Warehouse Data

NetSuite offers real-time visibility of warehouse data. This means businesses can keep a close eye on their inventory levels and make informed decisions to optimise stock levels. Advance your order planning with transparent data detailing the current stock levels of warehouses across multiple local and international locations.

Multiple Warehouse Management

NetSuite supports multiple warehouse management where businesses can manage inventory in one or more different warehouses. Furthermore, NetSuite gives you the flexibility to set up different rules for each warehouse such as allocated inventory and sub-locations for individual items.

Advanced Warehouse Reporting

With advanced warehouse reporting capabilities, businesses can track and analyse warehouse data without the need for manual data entry. Reports are customizable and can be quickly generated to view the current warehouse inventory levels, pick tickets, backorders and more.

Streamlined Flow of Data Back to Accounting Module

NetSuite Warehouse Management offers a streamlined flow of data back to the standard and advanced accounting modules. When a customer orders an item, NetSuite can automatically allocate available inventory, and update the committed inventory levels in the warehouse. This helps businesses to keep accurate records of their stock levels and quickly fulfil customer orders without any delays.

Cycle Counting

With NetSuite, get support cycle counting which helps to increase uptime in your warehouse facility. Cycle counting helps businesses to keep accurate track of inventory and identify any discrepancies quickly. Furthermore, the automated process of cycle counting during other warehouse activities will save time and eliminate the need for routine stocktake shutdowns.

Enhanced Security

NetSuite provides a secure system for businesses to manage their inventory and warehouse operations with access restrictions set up according to user roles. Furthermore, NetSuite enables businesses to track who changed what item information at any given time for audit purposes.

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Benefits of NetSuite Warehouse Management Module

NetSuite’s warehouse management module will help businesses to optimise their inventory levels, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

Reduce Inventory Levels

With real-time visibility of current stock levels across multiple warehouses, businesses can plan their stock requirements accurately in order to avoid overstocking or running out of items. This helps them to reduce their inventory levels and save costs in inventory holding.

Improved Productivity

With the help of mobile devices, barcode scanning and automated processes, businesses can streamline their warehouse operations and improve efficiency. This helps them to process orders faster and increase productivity in the warehouse.

Better Customer Service

By automating the order fulfilment process with NetSuite, businesses can provide better customer service by quickly fulfilling orders and delivering items on time. This helps to create a positive experience for customers and build loyalty.

Streamlined Warehouse Communications

NetSuite’s warehouse management module helps businesses to streamline communications between the warehouse and other departments such as sales, finance and accounting. This helps them to quickly access and update item information while on the move.

Improved Data Accuracy

With accurate real-time inventory data, businesses can make better decisions regarding their stock levels and improve the accuracy of their data. This helps them to maintain accurate records and avoid time consuming manual data entry processes.

Better Visibility

With the help of warehouse management reports, businesses can gain visibility into their warehouse operations and track the performance of key metrics such as item availability, average order fulfilment times and inventory turnover ratios. This helps them to identify areas for improvement and optimise their warehouse operations.

Decreased Order Fulfilment Times

By automating processes such as item picking and packing, businesses can speed up their order fulfilment times. This helps them to meet customer demand and create a positive experience for customers.

Flexible Warehouse Management

NetSuite’s warehouse management system is flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. This helps them to customise their warehouse operations according to their specific requirements.

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