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NetSuite Accounting Software & Finance Module

NetSuite Accounting Software and Finance Module helps businesses to manage their financials, including invoicing and cash flow. It also helps businesses plan for the future with powerful analytics tools that help make informed decisions about their future finances.

NetSuite Accounting Software

Features of NetSuite Accounting Software 

NetSuite's Accounting Software module offers comprehensive financial management capabilities, giving businesses a real-time view of their financial picture. From its customisable General Ledger and Chart of Accounts to managing your Bank Reconciliations, NetSuite has the tools to help make your business run more efficiently and accurately.


Create invoices quickly and accurately to get paid faster. NetSuite offers clients a user-friendly interface to quickly create invoices. Manage line items, discounts, taxes, and payment terms directly on your invoice, or inherit this information from open purchase orders, client contracts or item master.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Track vendors, manage spending and payments, and avoid overpaying. Monitor vendor and customer credit limits with the option to automatically email customers when their accounts reach a certain limit.

Flexible General Ledger

Keep track of your income and expenses with a comprehensive general ledger. NetSuite's flexible Chart of Accounts allows you to easily track your financials and segment this information by customer, department, project or any other custom segment.

Bank Reconciliation

Ensure accuracy between what’s in the bank and what’s in NetSuite. Automatically match your imported bank transactions to the corresponding entry in NetSuite and quickly create transactions on the fly to ensure your bank statements are correctly reconciled.

Cash Flow Management

Track cash flow and make sure you have enough to meet short-term needs, as well as plan for long-term goals. NetSuite's Cash Flow Management tools allow you to track and anticipate cash inflows and outflows, making it easier to make smart spending decisions.

Financial Analytics Tools

Make better decisions with real-time analytics and insights into your financial data. With powerful reporting capabilities, NetSuite can help you understand where your business stands and what actions need to be taken in order to succeed.

Multi-Currency Support

NetSuite Accounting and Finance Module supports multiple currencies, making it easier to conduct business internationally. Keep track of your transactions in various currencies, automatically apply exchange rates, and quickly convert amounts for accurate financial reporting.

Localised Tax and GST Management

NetSuite helps you to stay compliant with tax and GST laws by tracking the taxes that apply to each transaction. It can also help you to easily prepare for tax season by providing comprehensive reporting on your taxable income and business expenses.

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Benefits of NetSuite Accounting Module

NetSuite's Accounting Module allows you to streamline and automate financial processes, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency. It also provides you with real-time visibility into your finances, helping you make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Real-time insight into cash flow, budgeting, and forecasting

Get a clear picture of your financial health and make better decisions with real-time insight into cash flow, budgeting and forecasting. Create and manage budgets in a simple spreadsheet-like tool aimed at helping you gain more granular control over your business spending.

Multi-currency support

Manage transactions in multiple currencies with automated exchange rates and conversion. Connect NetSuite to your preferred FX reporting tool to gain real-time visibility of currency volatility impacts on your transactions. This will help reduce the risk of errors and ensure accuracy when operating internationally.

Accurate financial information to aid in decision-making

NetSuite’s Accounting Module enables you to accurately track and report financial information in real-time, allowing for better financial management planning. This helps you identify spending patterns, reduce costs, and improve cash flow management across various business departments.

Integrated solutions

NetSuite's fully integrated suite of solutions allows your business to securely sync financial data across all departments, subsidiaries and locations. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and improves accuracy.

Secure, scalable and reliable

With NetSuite’s cloud-based platform, your financial information is stored securely with no server maintenance needed. The system is also highly scalable, allowing you to accommodate growth easily while providing consistent performance across all users.

Handle complex taxation requirements 

NetSuite helps you keep up with ever-changing tax laws and lodgement requirements. Its sophisticated tax management tools allow you to easily manage both local and international taxes, ensuring compliance.

Improved collaboration across the business

NetSuite's collaboration features make it easier for finance team members to work together. Through its workflow automation, users can quickly and securely access data, collaborate on documents, and send notifications - all without leaving the platform.

Easily manage multiple currencies and entities

NetSuite's Accounting Module simplifies the process of managing multiple currencies, while its reporting entities feature allows you to easily manage and audit data associated with each entity. This helps improve accuracy and ensure compliance across all your business locations and subsidiaries.

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