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NetSuite WIP & Routing

NetSuite WIP and Routing module helps businesses track and manage their manufacturing processes. It also helps businesses plan for the future by providing a detailed view of their production operations and controlling costs.

NetSuite WIP and Routing

Features of NetSuite WIP & Routing Module

NetSuite's WIP & Routing module is designed to help manufacturers streamline the jobflow throughout the shop floor. This module allows users to create work centres and custom operations flows, which work orders can be routed through based on the products being produced.

Work Centre Reporting

NetSuite’s WIP & Routing module offers a comprehensive view of the entire shop floor, enabling users to see which work centres are in use and how they are performing. It also provides detailed reporting on the time taken for each operation and the cost incurred, giving manufacturers full visibility of their operations.

Manufacturing Cost Control

Gain control over costs by increasing visibility into job cost and inventory levels. NetSuite WIP also allows users to track the movement of resources across different work centres, enabling them to quickly identify where costs can be reduced.

Inventory Consumption Management

NetSuite WIP & Routing gives users greater control over inventory consumption, allowing them to better manage the usage of components and materials. Users can set up rules for material consumption, such as reorder points and minimum stock levels, to ensure that they have enough supplies at all times to prevent disruptions to your manufacturing process.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor performance by tracking job completion times and production rates. This helps users identify bottlenecks in the manufacturing process and allows them to implement corrective measures to increase efficiency. With NetSuite WIP & Routing, manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into their operations, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their business.

Infinite Capacity Scheduling

NetSuite WIP & Routing module provides users with infinite capacity scheduling capabilities. This lets them easily manage the production schedule and view it in real-time, making sure that tasks are completed on time and that resources are properly utilised for maximum efficiency.

Work in Progress Cost Tracking

Track the cost of Work in Progress by assigning costs to operations, labour and materials. This helps users get a better understanding of the actual cost incurred for each job, even when partially complete. NetSuite's WIP reports also flow through to accounting, giving you an accurate representation of your inventory value.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

The drag and drop scheduling feature allows users to quickly change the sequence of operations or adjust the timeline for job completion. This gives them a real-time view into their shop floor, allowing them to easily identify areas where underutilization may be occurring.

Location Specific Routing Settings

NetSuite WIP & Routing allows users to assign different routing settings to specific work centres in different facilities and locations. This lets them control the resources utilised in each area, ensuring that they are being used efficiently and cost-effectively according to the shop floor layout of different facilities.

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Benefits of the NetSuite WIP & Routing Module

NetSuite WIP & Routing module provides users with a comprehensive view of their production operations and gives them the ability to easily manage job flows, material consumption, cost tracking, performance monitoring, and scheduling. This allows them to gain greater control over their costs and increase efficiency on the shop floor. Additionally, this module helps manufacturers make better decisions and improve their overall operations.

Increased Flexibility

The flexibility of NetSuite WIP & Routing helps manufacturers adapt quickly to changing market conditions, allowing them to respond quickly and stay competitive. This module also gives users the ability to track inventory levels more accurately, helping them control costs and reduce waste.

Improved Visibility

NetSuite WIP & Routing provides users with greater visibility into their manufacturing operations through real-time reports and dashboards. This helps them quickly identify problems or opportunities for improvement proactively.

Reduced Waste

Users can reduce waste by closely monitoring material consumption and ensuring that the right quantity of materials is available for each job. NetSuite WIP & Routing helps users optimise their production processes by identifying cost-saving opportunities and avoiding overproduction or stockouts.

Improved Efficiency

In addition to improved scheduling, tracking costs, and controlling inventory, NetSuite WIP & Routing helps users optimise their production processes by managing labour costs and finding ways to increase efficiency. The drag-and-drop scheduling feature makes it easy to adjust the sequence and timeline of jobs, allowing teams to work more quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Traceability

NetSuite WIP & Routing ensures that all materials used in production are tracked accurately and that the right resources are always available. This helps teams identify points of failure or potential issues quickly and makes sure that they can trace back any problem to its source.

Better Collaboration

NetSuite WIP & Routing allows users to easily collaborate with other departments, such as sales, accounting, and customer service, allowing them to work together more efficiently. This helps teams stay on top of production and customer service needs in real-time.

Enhanced Security

NetSuite's robust security features help protect customer data and reduce the risk of unauthorised access. Data is stored in secure servers that are constantly monitored and updated with the latest security protocols, ensuring customers' information remains safe and secure.

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