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NetSuite Advanced Project Management

NetSuite Advanced Project Management module helps businesses streamline their project management processes. It provides extensive reporting and analytics capabilities so that businesses can gain insight into their projects, helping them make better informed decisions about resources and costs.

NetSuite Advanced Projects

Features of NetSuite Project Management Module

Managing complex projects requires an effective project management system. NetSuite Advanced Project Management module provides businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage and track their projects, including resource planning and scheduling, time and expense management as well as a wide range of project billing automations.

Customisable Project Templates

NetSuite Advanced Project Management module allows businesses to easily create customisable project templates for a wide variety of projects. This helps ensure that all required tasks, deliverables and milestones are included in the project plan.

Task Delivery Tracking

NetSuite is an easy-to-use task delivery tracking system so they can monitor progress and ensure deadlines are met. The module can also be used to generate project reports and provide real-time updates on the status of tasks and projects.

Real-Time Reports & Analytics

NetSuite Advanced Project Management module enables businesses to easily access real-time data and analytics on their project performance, which can be used to make informed decisions about resources and costs. The module also provides businesses with a variety of helpful reports and analytics, such as project resource utilisation, cost analysis and task completion rates.

Project Management Dashboards & Visualisation

NetSuite provides businesses with a comprehensive set of project management dashboards and visualisations, so they can easily monitor project performance in real-time and identify any potential issues. The dashboards also provide insights into how resources are being used, enabling managers to make informed decisions about resource utilisation.

Integrate to External Systems

NetSuite Advanced Project Management module can be fully integrated with other external systems such as Microsoft Project, making it easy to track project progress from any device. The module also allows users to easily share data and reports between teams, enabling businesses to access critical project information quickly and efficiently.

On-Platform Time and Expense Management

NetSuite provides businesses with an on-platform time and expense management system, allowing them to accurately track costs associated with their projects and people. The module helps businesses reduce the manual effort associated with tracking project cost and reduce errors due to manual entry of expenses.

Project Inventory Management

NetSuite APM module also provides businesses with project inventory management capabilities, allowing them to easily track and manage project assets and inputs across multiple projects. The module helps ensure that the right items are available at the right time and in the right quantity. The system can be used to generate automated purchase orders for supplies or materials needed for a specific project.

Project Billing Templates

With NetSuite, you can create customisable billing templates for various project types. This helps businesses ensure that they are accurately capturing all the necessary information associated with a particular project and efficiently tracking milestones, costs and timelines. The module also provides automated invoice creation capabilities, allowing users to easily generate documents for payment collection.

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Benefits of the NetSuite Work Orders and Assembly Module

NetSuite Advanced Project Management module provides businesses with a range of benefits to help support efficient management of complex projects and tasks. NetSuite is highly customisable, meaning reporting and analytics as well as core functionality can be altered to meet the needs of any project lead industry.

Reduced Manual Effort

The streamlined process for tracking time and expenses helps reduce manual effort, allowing managers to focus on more strategic tasks.

Improved Resource Utilisation

NetSuite’s real-time reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into resource utilisation, enabling managers to make informed decisions about resources.

Enhanced Visibility

The comprehensive project management dashboards provide an easy way to monitor and manage progress from any device.

Flexible Project Management

With customisable templates and automated invoicing capabilities, businesses can quickly adapt and scale their project management needs.

Improved Accuracy

The automated time and expense tracking system ensures that all costs associated with a project are accurately tracked, reducing manual errors and improving accuracy.

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