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NetSuite Demand Planning

NetSuite Demand Planning module helps businesses better manage their demand planning and forecasting processes. With powerful features such as predictive analytics, and real-time visibility into inventory levels and customer demand, businesses can maximise efficiency while still ensuring accurate forecasts.

NetSuite Demand Planning

Features of NetSuite Demand Planning Module

Demand planning helps businesses to create and maintain accurate demand forecasts for their products. Harnessing system data including historical orders, seasonality and marketing promotions allow businesses to make informed decisions about future demand. This helps eliminate overstocking or under-stocking of goods and reduces the risk of lost sales due to inaccurate forecasting.

Demand Forecasting Calculation Options

With NetSuite, users can choose from a variety of forecasting methods, including Moving Average, Seasonal Average, Sales Forecast driven and Linear Regression. Additionally, you can customise the calculation to fit your business needs based on a wide range of historical data.

Alerts and Notifications

NetSuite Demand Planning comes with an alerting feature that allows users to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as forecast accuracy and inventory levels. This helps businesses to stay on top of their demand planning process and be prepared for any potential disruptions.

Demand Reporting

With NetSuite, users can access real-time reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into customer demand, forecast accuracy and other important metrics. Additionally, these reports can be easily shared with other stakeholders, providing an accurate visibility into the organisation’s demand planning process.

Inventory Order Automation

NetSuite Demand Planning also allows users to manage their inventory levels more efficiently. Users can set reorder points, define minimum and maximum stock levels, conduct what-if analysis and manage multiple warehouses in different locations. These features help businesses streamline their order process, reduce inventory costs and ensure timely delivery of products.

Multi-Location Inventory Planning

With this feature, businesses can plan inventory levels across multiple locations and optimise capacity planning to ensure their goods are available when needed. This helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Allocation Exceptions Management

To avoid supply shortages and better accommodate VIP customers, NetSuite lets users review all sources of supply and order allocations. This way, you can ensure that high priority sales orders ship complete and on time. The system provides intelligent reallocation recommendations to minimise the effect on all orders by taking resources from unallocated orders and fulfilling priority orders first.

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Benefits of Using NetSuite Demand Planning

Customers who implement NetSuite Demand Planning report a streamlined workflow and improved demand forecasting accuracy. Additionally, the timely notifications and real-time reporting features help businesses stay on top of their inventory levels and ensure accurate order fulfilment. Furthermore, setting up automated processes to manage inventory orders helps eliminate manual errors while reducing operating costs.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline your demand planning process to improve accuracy, reduce costs and increase efficiency. By optimising your inventory levels, businesses can save money on holding unnecessary stock, reduce workloads and ensure that goods are available when needed.

Enhanced Visibility

With better visibility into customer demand and inventory levels, businesses can make more informed decisions to optimise their supply chain operations

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By automating inventory orders and allocation exceptions, businesses can ensure faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, the alerting feature keeps users updated on key KPIs to enable faster decision making.

Receive Proactive Alerts

NetSuite Demand Planning enables users to set up proactive alerts and notifications on key performance indicators such as forecast accuracy and inventory levels. This helps businesses stay on top of their demand planning process and prepare for any potential disruptions.

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NetSuite Demand Planning provides the tools to help businesses plan for and respond quickly to changing customer demand, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The team at PKF Digital have been helping NetSuite customers to implement Demand Planning functionality for over 2 decades. If you are currently managing demand planning externally to your ERP, or in spreadsheets, contact us for more information on how NetSuite Demand Planning can benefit your business.

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