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NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM is an extensive Customer Relationship Management software designed to help modern businesses thrive. NetSuite CRM offers powerful tools that enable users to easily monitor and manage their customer relationships leading to better customer service outcomes.

NetSuite CRM

A Leading CRM Solution for Fast Growing Companies

NetSuite CRM is the perfect customer management solution for fast-growing companies. It’s designed to maximise efficiency, providing users with tools that can help them manage customer relationships and prospects in order to drive sales and increase profitability.

NetSuite CRM boasts a robust set of features covering all areas of customer relationship management. From contact and lead management to activity tracking and reporting, NetSuite CRM is the perfect tool for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution.

What can NetSuite CRM do for your business?

Our team of experienced professionals can help you understand how NetSuite CRM fits into your business model and can provide guidance on the best way for you to use it for the greatest benefit. Contact us now, and learn how NetSuite can transform your sales and customer management processes.
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Top 5 Key Benefits of NetSuite CRM

NetSuite is the perfect customer management solution for businesses in a wide range of industries. With its extensive set of features, it can help streamline processes, automate lead activities, and provide advanced analytics so businesses can make better decisions. It is the perfect choice for fast-growing companies looking to succeed in today’s digital world.

Automated Lead Processes

NetSuite CRM easily tracks and manages leads, allowing users to quickly convert activity and inquiry into sales opportunities.

Robust Analytics & Reports

With advanced reporting tools, businesses can look closely at important customer data in order to better understand the success of their promotional efforts.

Customizable Dashboard & Workflows

Businesses have the ability to customise their workflows and dashboard settings, enabling them to quickly access important customer data when needed.

Quoting and CPQ

NetSuite CRM offers advanced quoting and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) capabilities that allow businesses to quickly generate accurate quotes and contracts for their customers.

Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM provides a comprehensive marketing automation suite that enables businesses to easily manage and track their campaigns and see performance metrics against actual sales.

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NetSuite Modules for CRM

NetSuite's CRM comes with a range of modules to support the full spectrum of customer, partner and supplier relationship management. From sales force automation, to customer segmentation, NetSuite's CRM modules provide users with the tools they need to better understand their customers and increase sales. The modules include:

Salesforce Automation

This module enables businesses to quickly access customer data, manage leads, create quotes and contracts, track orders in real-time, and share customer information with the rest of the team.

Customer Service & Support

Increase customer satisfaction with a module that provides businesses with an extensive suite of customer service and support solutions, including issue tracking, case management, problem resolution tracking, knowledge base management and more.

Marketing Automation

NetSuite’s marketing automation module helps businesses design, manage, track and measure campaigns across multiple channels, including email, digital and social media.

Customer Segmentation & Insights

NetSuite allows businesses to segment customers into groups based on their activity and preferences, allowing them to create more targeted marketing campaigns that will attract the right type of customer.

CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Manage pricing and quoting across sales channels with an automated CPQ, which quickly streamlines the process by automatically generating customised and configured quotes and contracts, ensuring accuracy based on your product ranges and configurable settings.

Lead and Opportunity Management

NetSuite’s lead and opportunity management module helps businesses identify potential customers, market to leads, track opportunities and manage sales pipelines with greater efficiency.

Sales Pipeline Management

NetSuite CRM allows businesses to view pipeline analytics in real time, helping them understand what’s working and what isn’t. It also enables companies to assign tasks and track activity, giving them the tools they need to achieve their sales goals in line with your approved sales process workflow.

Customer 360 Degree Reports

NetSuite’s 360 Degree reports provide a comprehensive view of customer data, enabling businesses to gain insights into customers' behaviour and preferences across all interaction points with your business' team members, including sales, support and account management.

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Types of Companies That NetSuite CRM is Perfect For

NetSuite CRM is the perfect choice for companies in a wide range of industries. It provides contact and relationship management features that can help speed up processes and improve customer service and sales automation leading to better sales outcomes. Industries currently benefiting from NetSuite CRM include:

Wholesale Distributors

NetSuite CRM helps streamline customer relationship management processes, allowing wholesale distributors to increase sales and reduce costs.


NetSuite CRM provides retailers with tools to easily track customer activity, analyse data, and set up accurate quotes and contracts for their customers.

eCommerce Businesses

NetSuite CRM provides eCommerce businesses with the tools to easily track customer activity, maximise conversion rates and increase revenue.


NetSuite CRM allows manufacturers to quickly generate accurate quotes and contracts for their customers, streamlining processes and leading to better outcomes.

Professional Services

NetSuite CRM helps professional services businesses easily manage customer communications throughout the lifecycle of a project from pre-sales to completion.

Software Companies

NetSuite CRM provides software companies with the tools they need to streamline customer relations, streamline project communication and track all conversation history.

PKF Digital are NetSuite CRM Experts

At PKF Digital, we are NetSuite CRM experts and can help businesses of any size to customise NetSuite to suit the specific needs of their organisation. We understand that customer relationship management plays a vital role in the success of any company, and our team of experienced consultants will work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your business’ needs.

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