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Looking for a NetSuite Implementation Partner with Accounting, Advisory and Audit Capabilities?

PKF Digital are a leading NetSuite implementation partner. For nearly 20 years, we have been helping businesses streamline their back-office operations and improve their bottom line by modernising their software strategy with NetSuite Cloud ERP. This has led us to be recognised as a premium provider of NetSuite Consulting Services, NetSuite Implementation Services, and Australia's best NetSuite reseller.


Working with Our NetSuite Consulting Partners

When we started PKF Digital, our goal was to use our knowledge of NetSuite to make our client’s businesses better. We do that by putting our client’s business success front and centre of what we do. Our purpose includes our goal of “helping our customers thrive”. It’s a recognition that when your business soars so does ours. Simple really.

As individuals, we have a great reputation in the NetSuite community driven by over almost 20 years of experience, and we don’t want to lose it. So everything we do has to reflect, enhance and improve that reputation. Without reputation and without customers who advocate for us, we cannot be the business we have set out to become.

We are good at what we do, unashamedly, given our longevity and our experience, but it's our approach that really makes a difference. Part of our purpose is to also help our team members thrive, and we’ve got a talented team with many, many NetSuite certifications.

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Our approach to your project is based on one of two approaches:
  • Consultative project based. A three phased approach that progresses through Discovery, Delivery and Outcome
  • SuiteSuccess using NetSuite’s methodology to get your project delivered quickly and to build a platform for future success
We will deliver you an outcome that shifts business levels

We will never walk away from a commitment

We don't just do projects, we embark on a mutually sustainable 'forever journey' with our customers

Consultative Delivery

Our collaborative software delivery approach focuses on your specific business needs. Not just from a technological perspective, but also your needs in terms of carefully managing the change to your business processes, the people who run your business, and the impacts on your customers and other external entities.

Our Consultative Delivery approach has our customers' success at its core. We acknowledge that every customer is different and the optimal pathway to success, therefore, differs too. We take the time to ensure the solutions we deliver are appropriate, simple to understand, well adopted and provide tangible business benefits.

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SuiteSuccess is the culmination of a multi-year transformation effort to combine the NetSuite unified suite, 20 years of gathering industry-leading practices, a new customer engagement model and business optimisation methods into a unified, industry cloud solution.

SuiteSuccess is engineered to solve unique industry challenges that historically have limited a company's ability to grow, scale and adapt to change. Most ERP vendors have tried to solve the industry solution problem with templates, rapid implementation methodologies and custom code. NetSuite took a holistic approach to the problem and productised domain knowledge, leading practices, KPIs and an agile approach to product adoption.

Benefits of the SuiteSuccess Methodology

The SuiteSuccess NetSuite implementation methodology provides the benefits of a cloud ERP system with a reduced time to value, low total cost of ownership and less business risk. The different editions of SuiteSuccess help businesses to implement industry tailored functionality and leading practices, resulting in lowering total time and effort required to go live and begin seeing an ROI.

It offers:

  • A proven path to success with pre-configured processes, KPIs, best practices and analytics specific to your industry
  • A lower total cost of ownership by streamlining implementation work with bundles and scripts
  • Increased business efficiency, flexibility and greater customer success.


Why Choose PKF Digital for Your NetSuite Implementation

PKF Digital are NetSuite implementation experts. For nearly 20 years, we have been helping businesses streamline their back-office operations and improve their bottom line by modernising their software strategy with NetSuite Cloud ERP.

We have developed internal management practices to help our team and yours, to collaborate and communicate in a way that drives the successful implementation of your project. These practices underpin everything we do and have been proven to result in a high success rate for our projects.

We focus on three key areas during our NetSuite implementations:

We focus on three key areas during our NetSuite implementations:

Usability - How easy is the software to use? We make sure that your team can quickly adopt NetSuite and start seeing the benefits.

Flexibility - How easy is it to change? We take a flexible approach to implementing NetSuite, so you can make changes easily as your business grows and evolves.

Support - How well will you be supported? We pride ourselves on our outstanding support service. Our team are experts in NetSuite and are always on hand to help you get the most out of the software.

If you're looking for a NetSuite implementation partner, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and offer advice on how we can help you streamline your business operations with NetSuite.

Elevate Your Business with NetSuite - The Future of Cloud ERP

Unleash the full potential of your business management solutions with NetSuite. At PKF Digital, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of NetSuite functional, technical and development consultants who are dedicated to transforming how your business operates. As a holistic NetSuite services provider, the team at PKF Digital revolutionise your business processes by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge ERP technology with your other critical systems. The result is fluid business operations that help you in overcoming the unique challenges modern businesses face.

Your Partner in Global Growth 

Looking to expand globally? With PKF Digital's global network of consultants, accountants, advisors and auditors, our ability to support your global business initiatives are unparalleled. With offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America, our team of NetSuite experts can support your business to expand and localise your business management system in almost any country.



Pioneering Innovation

PKF Digital is at the forefront of innovation regarding NetSuite's technology. Our leading practices, inspired by NetSuite's SuiteSuccess implementation methodology, offer a roadmap to implementing a cloud-based ERP system in as little as 100 days. We are not just focused on transforming businesses; our mission is to redefine what it means to be an industry leader.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our clients are our compass, and customer satisfaction is our true north. Our experience working in a wide range of industries has helped us to understand that each industry is unique. That's why we go above and beyond to deliver specialised solutions for our customers, spanning across eCommerce, finance, manufacturing, inventory management, project management and beyond.

The NetSuite Implementation Process

Define Your Business Requirements

The first step in any NetSuite implementation is to understand your business requirements. This includes understanding your current processes, what you need NetSuite to do for your business, and how you want NetSuite to fit into your overall business strategy.

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and produce detailed documentation to ensure that we all have a clear understanding of the desired outcomes and functionality sets.

Design your NetSuite solution

Once we have a clear understanding of your business requirements, we will begin to design your NetSuite solution. This includes deciding on the best NetSuite configuration for your business, setting up your NetSuite account, and designing your NetSuite user interface requirements.

We will also work with you to decide on the best data migration approach for your business. This may involve a data cleanse and deduplication exercise, as well as developing data migration scripts to extract your data from your current systems and load it into NetSuite.

Configure NetSuite

Once the design phase is complete, we will begin to implement your NetSuite solution. This includes configuring NetSuite modules to provide functionality aligned to the needs of your business's various departments including Sales, Accounting and Finance, Warehouse, Project Management, Manufacturing and more. We will also be setting up users and permissions, and integrating NetSuite with any third-party systems as defined by your scope.

We will also create any customisations and workflows that are required to support your business processes. These will be tested extensively in our development environment before being deployed to your live NetSuite account.

Review Your NetSuite Build

Our lead consultants will provide demonstrations of each area of the system. We invite your team to be involved in these demonstrations to provide a wider range of information relating to the day-to-day use of the system.

As with all our projects, we utilise an iterative approach which means that we will make changes to the system based on your feedback. This process continues until you are happy that NetSuite meets all your requirements.

Test your NetSuite solution

Once we have your sign-off on the build, we will begin our comprehensive testing phase together with your team. This involves a series of functional, transactional and reporting output tests to ensure that NetSuite is fit for purpose and can support your business as it grows.

We also test all integrations and customisations to ensure that they are working as expected.

Train Your Users

After the testing phase is complete, we will begin our training program. We can either offer in-person training, classroom-style training or a train-the-trainer approach, which empowers internal team members in your business to become NetSuite subject matter experts, putting them in a position to pass the knowledge onto existing and new team members in the future.

We will also provide you with a range of support materials, documentation, and user guides to reference as you get used to working in your new NetSuite environment.

NetSuite Go-Live and Support

After the training program is complete, we will work with you to schedule a go-live date. On this date, we will switch over from your current systems to NetSuite and ensure that everything is working as expected. We will also be on hand to provide any support that may be required during the first few weeks or months as you and your team get used to working in NetSuite.

Our support packages can be tailored to suit your business requirements and can include everything from telephone and email support to on-site consultants.

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