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NetSuite Core ERP

NetSuite Core ERP helps businesses streamline their operations and automate processes, such as financial management, order fulfilment, and inventory. With NetSuite ERP, businesses can benefit from a unified system that integrates seamlessly with their existing software.

NetSuite Core ERP

Features of NetSuite ERP Module

NetSuite's ERP module offers a number of key features that can help businesses simplify their processes and become more efficient. From inventory planning, stocktaking and demand forecasting to order fulfilment and payments processing, NetSuite ERP can help businesses with every aspect of operations.

Inventory Management & Warehousing

NetSuite ERP allows businesses to track their inventory in real time. This helps to ensure they always have enough stock on hand and also helps identify any potential issues or inefficiencies. NetSuite ERP also provides warehouses with the necessary tools to manage their operations, including managing orders, tracking shipments and generating reports.

Financial Management

NetSuite ERP's financial management module helps to automate and streamline the management of finances. It features a comprehensive set of functions, including accounts receivable and payable, budgeting, general ledger and financial reporting. This ensures businesses can track their finances quickly and accurately without having to manually enter data.


NetSuite ERP allows businesses to manage orders from start to finish. This includes tracking order status in real-time, managing inventory levels and shipment tracking. The software also provides detailed customer information such as contact details, payment history and credit limits.

Inventory Analytics & Reporting

NetSuite ERP offers an array of analytics tools that help businesses identify trends, forecast demand and track inventory performance. The software also provides businesses with detailed reports that can help them make more informed decisions about their operations.

Supply Chain & Logistics

NetSuite ERP also helps businesses manage their supply chains and logistics. It provides users with visibility into shipments, pricing details, delivery dates and more. The software also integrates seamlessly with third-party logistics providers to help automate the shipping process.

Vendor Relationship Management

NetSuite ERP provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their supplier relationships. This includes tracking vendor performance, creating purchasing plans and automating purchase orders. This helps businesses maintain better control over their supply chains and ensures vendors are meeting their commitments.

Inventory Transfer Management

NetSuite ERP also helps businesses manage inventory transfers and inter-facility movement. This includes tracking inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations, creating shipping manifests and generating reports. This ensures businesses have up-to-date information on their stock levels at all times.

Serialised Inventory & Lot Tracking

NetSuite ERP also offers advanced tracking capabilities for serialised and lot-controlled inventory. This includes tracking expiry dates, managing batch numbers and generating reports. This enables businesses to keep track of their stock more accurately and efficiently.

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Benefits of NetSuite ERP Module

NetSuite ERP provides businesses with a single, unified system that can help streamline and automate their operations. This helps businesses reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. The software also provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and customer data, giving businesses the information they need to make better decisions.

Streamline Warehouse Operations

NetSuite ERP helps warehouse managers streamline their operations. This includes tracking orders, shipments and inventory levels in real time. The software also enables warehouses to quickly and accurately generate reports, giving them greater insight into their operations.

Reduce Operational Costs

NetSuite ERP can help businesses reduce operational costs by automating processes such as inbound goods management and order fulfilment. This ensures businesses can make more informed decisions when it comes to budgeting and managing their finances.

Improve Customer Relationships

NetSuite ERP provides businesses with detailed customer data that can be used to build stronger relationships. This includes contact details, payment history and credit limits which enable businesses to provide a better experience for their customers.


NetSuite ERP helps businesses increase efficiency by automating and streamlining inventory management processes. This includes tracking orders, managing inventory levels and automating inter-company transfers. This helps businesses to operate more efficiently, freeing up time for them to focus on other important tasks.

Improve Visibility into Data

NetSuite ERP provides businesses with real-time visibility into their data. This includes detailed inventory information, order status and inventory levels which can be used to make more informed decisions about their operations. The software also integrates with third-party systems, such as logistics providers, giving businesses even greater visibility into their data.


NetSuite ERP gives businesses the global logistics management capabilities they need to manage their supply chains more effectively. This includes tracking orders, shipments and inventory movement across multiple sites and countries.

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