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Streamlining Your Cashflow Forecasting with Cashflow Plus for NetSuite


Monitoring your cash flow is important to maintain fiscal stability and enable growth. Cash-flow forecasting involves estimating future cash receipts and payments, a necessary element of financial management. Accurate cash flow projections are necessary for businesses to avoid financial difficulties, missing out on investment opportunities, or even insolvency. Cash Flow plus supports businesses to gain better insights into their cash flow performance with customisable dashboards that help you understand exactly where you are at. Let's learn more about what cashflow plus can do for your business.


What Does Cashflow Plus Do?

NetSuite Cashflow Plus is an add-on module for NetSuite that aims to provide enhanced capabilities for forecasting cash flow. It allows businesses to create custom cash flow models based on their unique financial operations and project future cashflows with greater accuracy.

Cashflow Plus also integrates with NetSuite's native financial reports, allowing businesses to review historical performance and generate cash flow projections quickly. It also helps user to simulate various business scenarios and adjust cash flow report variables to understand the potential impact on cash flow.


Why Use Cashflow Plus?

Cashflow Plus for NetSuite offers several benefits for businesses looking to improve their cashflow forecasting process and make informed financial decisions:


Customisable Cashflow Reports 

Cashflow Plus allows businesses to create custom cashflow reports that reflect their unique financial operations, ensuring greater accuracy and relevance in cash flow projections.

Cashflow Projections Accuracy

Cashflow Plus lets businesses view historical financial data, observe patterns, and make create accurate forecasting reports. This assists companies in arranging for potential cashflow needs and overcoming cashflow difficulties.

Financial Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow Plus empowers businesses to take control of their finances with advanced cash forecasting algorithms. By analyzing historical data and trends, our system provides accurate predictions of future cash flow. With automated updates and real-time data views, you can proactively identify potential cash shortfalls and take action before they impact your bottom line.

Real-time Insights

Cashflow Plus is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined solution to monitor their cash flow performance in real-time. Our platform offers visibility and insights into your financial performance, empowering you to make informed decisions based on accurate data. With Cashflow Plus, you can quickly identify trends and areas for improvement, optimize your cash flow, and ultimately improve your financial stability. 


Getting the Most Out of Cash Flow Plus

Using Cashflow Plus is simple. Start by setting up the cash flow model with financial information related to your business operations, such as inventory levels and payments from customers. Then, use Cashflow Plus' advanced algorithms to create cash flow projections for a given time period. This makes it possible to recognise critical performance measures, predict late payments and other irregularities, and develop plans to manage cash flow.

The insights generated by Cashflow Plus can be used to modify financial processes and improve cash flow management. This may include revising cash payment terms with suppliers or modulating inventory levels for efficient cash utilisation.



Cash flow forecasting software is essential for financial planning and decision-making. NetSuite Cashflow streamlines the process, giving businesses insights into financial performance and aiding informed decisions. Cashflow Plus for NetSuite lets users create custom models, project cashflows, simulate scenarios, and track performance. Cashflow Plus is a powerful solution for businesses can improve their cash flow forecasting process and unlock financial growth. If you are interested in learning more about Cash Flow Plus for NetSuite, contact our team for an obligation free demonstration. 


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Our team of NetSuite development experts have also created a range of innovative SuiteApps to futher enhance the functionality of NetSuite. These SuiteApps include Cash Flow Plus, Bank Feeds Plus, Billing Automation Plus, and Email Approval Plus. We’ve also created out-of-the-box NetSuite integrations from some of the world’s leading cloud applications including Airwallex, Xero and Google Workspace

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