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NetSuite SuiteApps Explained

NetSuite SuiteApps Explained


NetSuite SuiteApps are purpose-built applications that enable customers to extend the capabilities of their NetSuite environment. These apps enable companies to enhance their business processes and integrate 3rd party software with their existing systems. SuiteApps provide users with powerful enhancements for managing business operations, data, and customer relationships.


The SuiteApp Store is a marketplace that gives NetSuite customers an easy way to access the latest apps and enhancements available to improve their NetSuite experience. Customers can browse through hundreds of SuiteApps, including applications for customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, finance & accounting, human resources, analytics, inventory & order management, marketing automation, social media integration and more.

The SuiteApps that are listed on have been vetted and approved by NetSuite directly, so you can be sure that using one of these solutions is going to provide you with a great customer experience.


Understanding the Different Types of SuiteApps

When it comes to evaluating SuiteApp technology, there are few unique distinctions to consider. One key distinction is the type of SuiteApp, which is divided into three categories:


Native SuiteApps

Native SuiteApps are developed entirely using NetSuite’s own development platform and can be installed as a bundle directly into your NetSuite environment. Despite being developed by a third party, Native SuiteApps add core functionality and data tables to NetSuite, making the enhanced functionality behave as if it were a core function of NetSuite.

NetSuite Native SuiteApps are usually considered more secure and reliable, which is why many NetSuite partners prefer to defer to native SuiteApps when providing clients with an overall technology solution to meet their business needs.

Integrated SuiteApps

These are created by independent developers that have been certified by NetSuite. These integrated SuiteApps are designed to provide deep integrations to third-party solutions. Whilst information can be shared between NetSuite and Integrated SuiteApps, it is important to make the distinction that they are running two independent databases, with information being synchronised rather than data saving natively to NetSuite.

Hybrid SuiteApps

Hybrid SuiteApps are a combination of both native NetSuite functionality, as well as using third-party functionality to provide an enhanced way to manage processes. Hybrid SuiteApps are usually the most flexible when it comes to customising, meaning they are able to provide functionality that is not possible to create with NetSuite's own development tool sets.


Finding the Right SuiteApps for Your Business

When it comes to finding the right SuiteApps for your business, it is important to understand your business needs and objectives before making any decision on technology. Evaluating each SuiteApp and understanding what type of SuiteApps you need will help ensure that you select the most suitable solution for your specific requirements. It is also important to understand the level of support each app provides, as this can vary from vendor to vendor.

If you are interested in talking to a SuiteApp expert to understand your options in more detail, reach out to PKF Digital for an obligation-free discussion. We're here to help.

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