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Infinet Cloud Payroll & MyPay


Infinet Cloud Payroll (ICS Payroll) is a highly featured, cloud based application wholly built on the NetSuite Platform. It is a native application developed and compliant for use in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Infinet Cloud Payroll allows you to manage your Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom payroll entirely within your NetSuite account. Compliant with ATO, IRD & HMRC for PAYG/PAYE, all legislative changes and functional improvements are seamlessly updated as and when required.

Key Features of Infinet Cloud Payroll:

100% Cloud Based: ICS Payroll is fully embedded within NetSuite software, running in your web browser with no installation necessary, keeping your data available and secure.

Stage Based Pay run: Intuitive workflow process runs through employee selection, time entry, variable entry, to posting journals, payment and PDF payslip creation.

Multi Company Support: Run multiple companies in different countries using a single account (requires NetSuite OneWorld).

Fully Featured & Flexible: Supports payroll for full-time, part-time, casual, contract and directors. Run your pay runs weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or as one-off adjustment runs.

Employee Self Service: Employees can access payslips and other payroll documents, as well as managing their personal details and payment details from anywhere.

Leave Management: Built-in and comprehensive leave management functionality streamlines leave request approval and payroll integration.

Automatic Updates: Updates and new features are automatically installed into your account. All legislative requirements, tax rates and thresholds, and state-based public holidays are fully maintained as part of the Annual License fee. All new features are automatically pushed into your account.


MyPay provides a simple portal, which aligns with your existing NetSuite configuration and rules, empowering your employees to view and manage their own information and submit critical data, from any device, including: leave requests; timesheets; expenses; and payroll information with no delay, duplicate entry or paper-based processes.

The MyPay portal extends your NetSuite platform through its key features, including:

Expense Management: Users can simply email, upload or drag and drop images of receipts to begin an expense claim. As standard, MyPay includes OCR technology to greatly reduce manual entry and improve accuracy. Categories, tax codes, currencies and GL postings are driven by your ERP system.

Leave Management: With real-time leave balance forecasting and access from any device, this is the leave management your employees expect. For approvers, click-through team hierarchies and calendars, plus contextual information like public holidays, make it easy.

Personal and Pay Details: Let employees manage their personal data – including emergency contact details, addresses and preferred bank account details for payroll.

Timesheet Entry and Interpretation: From any device, employees can easily enter standard timesheets, total hours worked or their start and end times – MyPay will automatically breakdown and calculate the actual time and any entitlements (including overtime) based on your business rules.

Employee Self Service: The MyPay Self Service Portal provides employees with a secure platform to access personal details, payroll documents including payslips, leave management, time sheeting and expense reports with OCR, all accessible via any mobile device.

Our team at PKF Digital have partnered with ICS to deliver successful payroll solutions for our customers for 5+ years. If you are a current NetSuite subscriber looking for additional ways to utilise the platform, feel free to get in touch with the PKF Digital team today and learn about the many advantages of switching to Infinet Cloud Payroll.

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