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NetSuite Implementation

NetSuite Implementation


At PKF Digital, we’ve distilled our NetSuite Implementation Services philosophy into 3 simple points:

  1. Core business systems are critical, so take careful steps to get it right
  2. Build with the future in mind
  3. Implementation is just the beginning

Core business systems are critical, so take careful steps to get it right

At a basic level, all a business is is a collection of people, processes and products.  This stands as true for a sole trader as it does for a mullti-national corporation.

ERP done right will drive and govern all business processes.  In that sense, ERP is unlike all other business software.  It’s unique because it is so pervasive throughout a business.

Selection of core business systems, such as ERP is one of the most important decisions a business leader will make, as going back on an ERP implementation is painful, and in many cases not viable.  You’re stuck with it!

There are many good choices of ERP (there exist some bad ones too!).  We’ve been a big fan of NetSuite since it’s infancy 15 years ago.  We’ve had the opportunity to partner with other solutions over the years, but in our opinion no alternative comes close to NetSuite when it comes to the balance of out-of-the-box functionality and ability to customise.

Many of our NetSuite Implementation projects are repeat business, from people who have moved to a new business and want to bring NetSuite with them.  It seems that once you’ve gone NetSuite, everything else seems pale in comparison.

It can be difficult to appreciate from the outside looking in just how beneficial going NetSuite can be. Comparing feature-function, yes many other ERPs stack up well too. But feature-function is NOT going to be the game-changer against your competition. Your ability to flex, adapt & pivot IS.  NetSuite's open & extensible cloud architecture sets it apart from the rest.

With a NetSuite implementation you end up with people in your business who are no longer constrained by a rigid ‘system, and over time ‘we can’t do that’ is replaced with ‘I’m sure NetSuite can do that, I’ll figure it out’.

Implementation is just the beginning.

It’s human nature to want to complete things.  That’s what often happens with ERP, like all business projects, we work towards a completion date.  An end date by which we can chalk the project up as success, understand some sort of ROI, and probably the biggest driver, move on to something else.

Although an implementation is a critical first step in order to lay strong foundations, with NetSuite (and we’d argue this for any ERP), the best implementations are never ‘complete’ and the wise business knows this.  Going live with NetSuite is phase 1 complete, and onto a perpetual process of refinement, expansion, realignment and repeat.  The circles of continuous improvement decrease and increase in size as your business needs change, but they should never stop.  If you stop, you’ll hear once more “we can’t do that” - a phrase spoken too often that spells death of business aspirations.

At PKF Digital we want to help our customer continually get the most out of NetSuite.  Some need a lot of help, some don’t need much and become very self-sufficient, and we have continual improvement packages to suit all needs.


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