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“A financial suite implementation can be really challenging, but PKF Digital handled it brilliantly.... It is one of the best implementations I have been a part of”

- Ajit Sawant (Group Finance Manager, Probe)

One subsidiary at a time: NetSuite is transforming Probe Group from the bottom-up

The Probe Group is a 13’000 person strong innovative customer experience organisation. As a market leading digital transformation practice, Probe Group designs and deploys organisational solutions through exceptional customer management, consulting and intelligent automation. Today, Probe Group has a global footprint spanning five countries, expertise across multiple industries and 40 years of experience designing solutions that continue to respond to the changing needs and expectations of their valued customers.

As Probe Group has made much of their success through having their finger on the pulse of digital transformation and changing business requisite in the 21st century, it is no surprise then that in 2019, a decision was made to look at NetSuite to future-proof Probe and its 20 plus subsidiaries -

“when exploring options for the best financial suite, the focus was on thinking big… if we could successfully implement NetSuite in one subsidiary then we would continue implementing in the others” (Ajit Sawant, Group Finance Manager). This is where PKF Digital’s involvement began.

Having clearly understood the approach of ERP transformation across all its subsidiaries, the PKF Digital team was eager to prove the power of NetSuite through a rapid implementation in one smaller subsidiary, a process which could then be replicated throughout each subsidiary and parent Probe Group itself. The first chosen subsidiary was Microsourcing, a Philippines based outsourcing company specialising in handling IT, recruitment, HR and payroll services. The team had identified significant pain-points with the Workday Suite in place, and thus recognised the value in being able to empower an agile workforce with NetSuite, driving operational efficiencies with one fully integrated system.

“The saved search functionality and inter-company billing automation within NetSuite has allowed us to do things better and quicker... NetSuite truly caters to all the needs we have”

(Ajit Sawant, Group Finance Manager, Probe)

As Ajit points out, one of the crucial KPI’s of this initial implementation was going to be user adoption - “When everyone is used to a bespoke product it is hard to change people's perception… however PKF Digital was able to quickly change that perception for Microsourcing employees''. Head of Microsourcing, Don Del Mundo also agrees: “The team is very happy with NetSuite… we have all the information we need in one place which is great''. Ultimately, the success of this initial transformation project comes down to a great implementation, that ensured the Microsourcing team is really confident and happy in the way NetSuite has been configured for them.


PKF Digital has now successfully implemented a second Subsidiary, with Beepo delivered successfully in late 2020, the team at Probe Group has now entrusted PKF Digital with continuing this bottom-up transformation of the business.
PKF Digital’s completed & ongoing work and support of Probe Group remains a clear indication of the powerful potential NetSuite has for a multi-subsidiary organisation, when implementations are completed efficiently, successfully and with the customer at the centre.
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