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NetSuite SuiteSuccess Explained

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Explained


NetSuite's SuiteSuccess product offers an approach to implementations that incorporates industry best practices. This comprehensive framework not only increases return on investment (ROI) but also reduces the business risk associated with technology projects. The average go-live timeline for businesses using this structured framework is 100-140 days, a stark contrast to the nine months it may take companies to implement projects using more traditional methods.


Unlock Industry-Specific Efficiency with NetSuite SuiteSuccess

SuiteSuccess is a product built for your industry when you purchase NetSuite software. It comes pre-configured with functionality based on leading practices for your industry, pre-built industry-specific reports, dashboards, roles, and more. Unlike other business software, SuiteSuccess is already configured and populated with tools that are ready to use out of the box, so you can start transforming your business right away.


Accelerate Your ROI with NetSuite SuiteSuccess Methodology

SuiteSuccess is a methodology of implementation that helps you recoup the cost of your enterprise software purchase by accelerating your return on investment. NetSuite has taken the knowledge gained from thousands of implementations and built industry solutions based on leading best practices. This approach helps you avoid unnecessary time configuring industry-standard functionality and processes and instead focuses on what's most important to your organisation from day one. The methodology is implemented with a phased approach to incorporate all immediate and future functionality your business needs over time. SuiteSuccess helps you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.


NetSuite Implementation Phases: A Flexible Framework for Business Success

NetSuite implementations follow a flexible framework that is adaptable to your business needs. The phases are designed to help you streamline processes and achieve your business goals.



Welcome to the initial phase of a NetSuite SuiteSuccess implementation! This phase aims to provide your business with all the essential functionality it needs to go-live with a view to continuous improvement. Depending on the business, this phase will include critical modules such as accounting and financials, CRM (customer relationship management), and inventory management. With this robust foundation in place, you can get ready to "elevate" your project in the next phase


This stage is when you can add additional features that are advantageous to your business, such as advanced inventory, automated procurement and demand planning. You can also incorporate people and payroll functions depending on what is the top priority for your company's needs.


Taking advantage of the already streamlined operations that you have in place through NetSuite, this phase allows businesses to roll out various initiatives such as quality management, financial planning, operations planning, supply chain execution and project and asset management. With these advanced programs in place, it becomes far easier for companies to optimise their efficiency levels and achieve a greater level of success overall.


NetSuite's advanced platform offers a variety of powerful tools that can further drive your business growth. From sales optimisation to international expansion, revenue management, and project profitability - NetSuite can be further enhanced to support your business for rapid growth.


Utilise NetSuite's cutting-edge technology solutions to gain a leg up on the competition; industry-leading companies depend on AI, IoT, mobile and eCommerce capabilities as well as transportation management for their businesses to be able to outperform competitors.


Interested in Learning More About NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

PKF Digital are a leading NetSuite partner in Australia, offering comprehensive services to help you with your NetSuite selection, solution, and implementation process, as well as ongoing support and maintenance of the platform. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts are here to assist you in achieving the most out of NetSuite SuiteSuccess. Contact us today to learn more about how NetSuite can help you and your business succeed.

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