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NetSuite delivery

How do we deliver NetSuite implementations & what makes onlineone different?


Well, we exist so we can use our knowledge to make your business better. We do that by putting your business outcome ahead of our own. Seriously, we do.

Yes, we've got highly talented people.
Yes we have many, many NetSuite Certifications
Yes, we've got lots of experience.

….and we know many other NetSuite Partners can say the same.
But what really makes us different is the way we go about our business.
  • We focus on solving business problems, not using technology for technology's sake
  • We don't specialise in particular industries, we specialise is particular business challenges
  • We will deliver you an outcome that shifts business levers
  • We will never walk away from a commitment
  • We don't just do projects, we embark on a mutually sustainable 'forever journey' with our customers
And we do this in a very cost-effective manner that gives you more value-add for less money overall.

Some customers we've helped

  • “NetSuite has saved my team easily 3-4 days a month” 
    – Mandy Templeton, Head of Finance and Business Optimisation at VERIDAPT
  • "We were impressed at how PKF Digital was able to provide such a comprehensive resolution to the challenges we faced in a minimal amount of time, and with minimal fuss.” 
    – Anthony Hersch, General Manager, JustKapital
  • "Thanks team, loving the flexibility of our Success Management Program and the incredible things we create together!" 
    – Michael Hutson, NetSuite Administrator at Thermomix
  • "For any businesses out there using NetSuite and looking for a value-added service support team I would highly recommend speaking with PKF Digital." 
    – Rachel Dos Santos, Financial Controller at Love to Dream
  • “User adoption has been excellent, and our client communications have gone to another level as a consequence of this implementation, so the return on investment has been almost immediate." 
    – Anthony Hersch, General Manager at JustKapital
  • "PKF Digital understands the business so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel everytime we’re looking to have the system changed or take advantage of a new feature”. 
    – Mark Balding, Group Manager of Business Transformation at Thermomix ANZ
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