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Thermomix Case Study NetSuite



Case Study

The company behind the most advanced all-in-one kitchen appliance on the market - the Thermomix - has an integrated back end system that allows for agile innovation – however this wasn’t always the case...

In 2015 Thermomix Australia and New Zealand (Thermomix ANZ) was using many different systems to manage many different processes. The Finance team tracked customer payments on one system, the support teams managed their customer data in another and the warehouse team had a different system again. Gaining a full 360 financial view of a customer was time consuming and difficult involving multiple exports and data manipulation.

The objective was a system with a single point of truth and a flexible approach to a changing market. Thermomix engaged the team at PKF Digital and within nine months, Thermomix ANZ’s many different systems were moved onto a single platform - NetSuite. This proved ground zero for Thermomix ANZ, giving them a strong foundation from which to upgrade and update their external customer facing processes.

Since implementing NetSuite, Thermomix ANZ has undergone many changes but NetSuite has remained a constant, underpinning all process developments. NetSuite is very much considered the ‘core’ system that is at the heart of every business transaction. Over the past five years PKF Digital has implemented complex but elegant integrations including updates to Thermomix ANZ’s payment portal and a move to Shopify. Thermomix ANZ has collaborated with PKF Digital to allow these pivots to be more seamless and cost efficient without the data worries and re-work often
involved in system and process updates.

The success of Thermomix ANZ’s use of NetSuite lies in the relationship with the team at onlineone. In 2019, onlineone again worked closely with Thermomix to come up with a support structure that suited the objectives of both senior leadership and the users on the ground. onlineone’s Success Management Agreement allowed Thermomix to save 10-15% in support and services spending annually but more importantly, it allowed flexibility on the type of services as well as a surety of spend. Thermomix Management can forecast their monthly expense with certainty - while the volume of activity and flexibility can vary - Thermomix ANZ can use hours on Support, Projects and Consultancy without having to get different numbers or worry about resourcing issues.

Mark Balding, Group Manager of Business Transformation at Thermomix ANZ, says,

"that while the engagement does save us money, it’s the flexibility that we can apply which is significant; it has added another $20,000-$40,000 worth of value to the business.”

At every level of PKF Digital the team is aligned with the team at Thermomix ANZ. Mark Balding, says ‘PKF Digital has been able to deliver a complete account management, partnership level engagement - the Customer Success Manager looks at things from the customer perspective - advocating for and acting as the customer. PKF Digital’s Operational Leaders are always available to look at things from an operations perspective and resourcing of the team in support and the small projects work - which means we know that we’re talking to all the right people at the right times. It is a true multifaceted relationship with people focused in their different areas but all working together to support us.”

Craig Traub, PKF Digital’s Chief Operating Officer says it is the non-traditional consultancy style that has allowed for this ongoing relationship.

“We work on a ‘proactive’ versus ‘reactive’ basis. Instead of waiting for Thermomix to come to us with an issue, we proactively offer advice to ensure the Thermomix team is ten steps ahead, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” Craig added.

PKF Digital’s internal processes mean that all members of the PKF Digital team know and understand the way that Thermomix uses the system. The process of knowledge sharing and collaboration internally means that Thermomix can pick up the phone or create a case and know that the team understands their account and customisations and will efficiently look after their enquiries.

Craig says PKF Digital’s five-year relationship and flexible style of service has helped cultivate a high level of trust between PKF Digital and Thermomix.

“Throughout our time working with Thermomix, we’ve developed an intimate, granular level of trust that helps our teams seamlessly work together. Our Success Management Support Agreement means we work with Thermomix every step of the way to ensure they have reached their desired goals and outcomes.” - Craig added.

Mark sums it up saying, “the relationships with PKF Digital is all bundled into a single solution that allows great to be people available when we need them. PKF Digital understands the business so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel everytime we’re looking to have the system changed or take advantage of a new feature”.


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