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PKF Digital are a leading Australian NetSuite Partner, but what is it we do differently, and what expertise do we bring to our relationship with you? What value do we add at each stage of your NetSuite buying journey?

You are either thinking about NetSuite, have chosen NetSuite or use NetSuite and we can help at any of these stages.


I'm looking at it!

I am evaluating lots of business systems of which NetSuite may be one. I want to know more about it and how a NetSuite Partner like PKF Digital can help.

Making decisions about technology and business applications is tough. Whilst choice is a great thing sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. We get that and we can help make it easier.

Our philosophy is from the start of your project - researching what to do - through to the ultimate goal of completing the project, we reflect what you are looking to gain in everything we discuss with you. From our first engagement, we talk about how your project can be successful in your terms rather than in technical terms. We excel at being able to bring these two together successfully.

We see your project as a process through which you want to improve your business:

  • Phase 1 is to plan to deliver a more efficient or better way;
  • Phase 2 is about how to realise these benefits as soon as the project is live;
  • Phase 3 is about how the NetSuite platform can further accelerate your business outcomes after going live.

While all phases are important to our philosophy, it is the third phase that makes a major difference and on which PKF Digital prides itself.

Technology will play its part but ensuring that your team and our team continually gel is key to positive working relationships and effective communication. At PKF Digital we will endeavour to ensure that the experience of changing systems is as easy and straightforward for your team as possible.

First off, it's important to know why you are looking at business systems. Investment in a new business platform is typically a significant undertaking in terms of both dollars, time and business disruption. You need to identify the specific business challenges you are trying to overcome and what business levers you expect to positively impact.

Start with your desired outcome in mind, rather than getting distracted by a debate on software features or functionality in areas that are not going to drive those objectives.

  • Are you looking to expand into new international markets and have the need to handle a multi-currency / multi-region organisation?
  • Are you looking to get a real-time consolidated view of your group's business performance?
  • Are you looking for a way to onboard business entities you acquire in a fast and cost effective way?
  • Are your systems beginning to hinder your ability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions and the need to retain and improve your competitive position?

For example:

We think PKF Digital is a bit different. We get a sense of achievement not from simply moving our customers to the NetSuite platform but from seeing our customers thrive and achieve success in their chosen markets due to our NetSuite implementation process.

We have many examples of how PKF Digital has helped a range of businesses achieve success with their implementations and we would love to have the opportunity to do the same for your business.

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I want It!

I think NetSuite is the right tool for my business. I'm thinking of how best to deploy it into my organisation and how a NetSuite Partner like PKF Digital can assist.

Sometimes it just makes sense that you have chosen your technology prior to choosing a partner to help. We think that choosing NetSuite is a wise choice and you obviously know your stuff! So your next step is to choose your partner and we know PKF Digital can help.

We understand that a successful implementation is just the beginning of your NetSuite journey. We think the real business benefits will come after that and will continue over many more years.

Combining NetSuite “best practices” with your uniqueness is key

Whilst we always try to adhere to NetSuite standard practices, we also appreciate that your business is unique so we do not offer a one size fits all approach. We understand that the way you choose to do business may differentiate you in your market and although PKF Digital will challenge you, we will allow your business identity to shine through.

Our approach is to get our customers onto the NetSuite platform, gaining business value as quickly as possible. This often means a phased approach, taking on only what is core for day 1, and building out your use of NetSuite from a solid foundation.

Customer Success is Central

In our view a project can only be considered a success if we have a customer who is not just happy, but keenly promotes both NetSuite and PKF Digital throughout their networks. We do not just “do” projects, we embark on a mutually sustainable 'forever journey' with our customers, looking to add as much value as possible.

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I've got it!

I use NetSuite and want to ensure I'm getting the most out of it. I’d like more details of what NetSuite Partners like PKF Digital have done and how it will help me.

We believe you have already made the correct choice in NetSuite but perhaps you’re not getting the best out of the platform and you want a second opinion. We’ve done this for many organisations over the years and have a tried and trusted method of going about getting you back on track.

The purpose of our business is to help businesses achieve more from NetSuite whether they already use NetSuite or are thinking about it. Our philosophy is to start with understanding your business objectives and this is no different.

Our approach is to do the following

Platform review. We’d first do a review of what and where your problems lie. We need to understand what the initial objectives of the project were and how you got to where you are now. We would also look at the system itself to see if there are any major obstacles to fixing it. As the final part of the review process we would return with a document comprising a set of recommendations split into

  • Get Well Plan - recommend where we can get some quick wins to restore your faith in the system
  • Get Better Plan - follow on to recommend some harder work that will really change the business and processes for the better
  • Get Fitter Plan - finally recommendations of what should happen after the first two are complete and what this will look like.

HyperCare. After the Get Well plan has been completed, we would invite you to join our HyperCare customer service plan. This entails a set of services and outcomes that make it easy for you to budget and consume services from PKF Digital without any surprises. The number one outcome would be your success using the system.

Let our dedicated Customer Success team guide you through the process of optimising your use of NetSuite and helping your system work for you.

Customer Success & Support Services

  • Ad-hoc Pay As You Go support though to full managed services, including "Hypercare" services for early post implementation phase
  • Getting the most out of the features you have paid for
  • Helping you work out the order of magnitude for any changes/enhancements you are considering
  • A sounding board for viability of NetSuite functionality & modules
  • A point of escalation to help around conversations with NetSuite directly
  • Dedicated support team
  • Stay up to date and aligned with new release features

If you use NetSuite, we'd love to work with you no matter who did your original implementation, and welcome you to join the PKF Digital family!

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Some customers we've helped

  • “NetSuite has saved my team easily 3-4 days a month” 
    – Mandy Templeton, Head of Finance and Business Optimisation at VERIDAPT
  • "We were impressed at how PKF Digital was able to provide such a comprehensive resolution to the challenges we faced in a minimal amount of time, and with minimal fuss.” 
    – Anthony Hersch, General Manager, JustKapital
  • "Thanks team, loving the flexibility of our Success Management Program and the incredible things we create together!" 
    – Michael Hutson, NetSuite Administrator at Thermomix
  • "For any businesses out there using NetSuite and looking for a value-added service support team I would highly recommend speaking with PKF Digital." 
    – Rachel Dos Santos, Financial Controller at Love to Dream
  • “User adoption has been excellent, and our client communications have gone to another level as a consequence of this implementation, so the return on investment has been almost immediate." 
    – Anthony Hersch, General Manager at JustKapital
  • "PKF Digital understands the business so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel everytime we’re looking to have the system changed or take advantage of a new feature”. 
    – Mark Balding, Group Manager of Business Transformation at Thermomix ANZ
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